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Riococo Services

Ceyhinz Link International, Inc takes a modest approach, when providing the services to our clients. We treat our clients as long term partners of our business. We empower our clients with product knowledge and after service with our wide network of crop consultants. Our team is well experienced, who work around the client’s schedule and who take pride in the quality of their work. We complete the work in terms of timeliness, quality and cleanliness according to our clients’ requirements. We build rapport with our clients through regular communication and we put our client's needs ahead of our own. We focus on the solution, not the problem and we treat our customers and suppliers with fairness, loyalty and a sense of responsibility.

Ceyhinz Link International, Inc takes a modest approach, when providing the services to our clients. These include:

...... Toll free customer care line for immediate responses regarding the orders and any clarifications of the products and our services. ......... 24 x 7 customer service with the replies to clients emails within 4 hours time. ........... Provide real time information about the production progress and images of their production in our factories in Sri Lanka. ......... Provide real time shipping information from the time they leave Sri Lanka until the time it reaches to our clients' greenhouses or warehouses. ......
  Provide advisory services from our international group of consultants with the knowledge of RIOCOCO substrate cultivation, cultivation methods, irrigation, nutrient solutions, pH EC, dry down issues and other crop- oriented advices.  ......... Educate growers with RIOCOCO custom made and standard substrate mixes and ways of using them.  ........... Directly dealing with complaints as soon as we are notifies.  .......... Visit grow project sites after product received and during grow and pick times or as necessary. Provide lab analysis reports of RIOCOCO substrate from a highly reputable US laboratory  
  Help clients to obtain necessary permits and provide substrate certifications for crop validation purpose.   RIOCOCO products quality inspections and audits.   Provide reference visits to New Growers interested in using RIOCOCO   Provide new growers with complimentary passes to tradeshows that Ceyhinz Link is a participant.  
  Our Goal is to help you to achieve the highest yield from your crop using RIOCOCO as a substrate media while obtaining and exchanging the knowledge and the experience of innovative cultivation solutions.              



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