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                                                               A growing medium like no other

Coir Starter Block

RIOCOCO R101 & R102 Grow Starters

Riococo grow stater


 Size (Dimension) Loadability
per 40' GP
Loadability per
40’ HC
Loadability per
20 FCL 
Loadability per
 7.5 x 7.5 x 6 cm  672,000 Pieces 768,000 Pieces        336,000 Pieces   10560 Pieces
 10 x 10 x 6 cm   319,200 Pieces 364,800 Pieces     159,600 Pieces  6400 Pieces
 10 x 15 x 6 cm      224,000 Pieces  
256,000 Pieces 
 112,000 Pieces  
4000 Pieces 


Grow starters are also one of our newest inventions in the propagation product family. Using our newest RIOCOCO grow starters, propagators are able to propagate faster and produce healthy plants organically. Excellent water holding and equal distribution of water throughout the block ensures optimum management of the air and water balance and the equal distribution of nutrient and fertilizer solutions.RIOCOCO R101 Coir Block is made from 100% coir fiber compressed disc packed in a biodegradable RIOCOCO cellulous paper. Natural coir fibers retain water, and keeps roots well-aerated. The airy and fragile structure is maintained throughout the propagation cycle and until transplant into a separate growing container.- Excellent medium for seed propagation
- Fast and healthy root development
- Easy and fast transplant
- Equal water and air distribution
- 100% biodegradableProduct Physical Description : Special organic mixture in a cellulose casingCommon sizes (cm) R101 - 10 Cm x 10 Cm, R102 - 10 x 15 Cm (expanded)Washed, unwashed and buffered raw material are available for this product  



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